Passivation and Derouging

Retaining value

Regular maintenance protects your production equipment and so aids the retention of value. Due to long-standing experience Borer Chemie AG and Groesfjeld can provide precise cleaning processes which correspond to the requirements of maintenance.


Passivation – corrosion protection for surfaces

Build up or renew the natural passivated film on stainless steel surfaces. Newly installed production equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned and passivated before being put into service. Our treatment method effectively removes residues from production and the installation of new production equipment. Depending on how intensively your process equipment is used, we recommend that you perform surface re-passivation at regular intervals. Regular passivation ensures that the surfaces of your equipment remain in a stipulated condition. It also prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces the risk of long production downtime for major maintenance work.

The process offered by Borer Chemie AG is ideal for the spray passivation of stainless steel using existing CIP systems or automated cleaners.

Tests have shown that our process is much more effective than traditional passivation methods using nitric acid, citric acid, complexing agents and electrolytic polishing.



As the natural passivated layer on stainless steel surfaces ages it can form a rust-red deposit known as rouging. Rouging is generally considered to be unacceptable, especially in GMP-compliant facilities, because there is the risk that particles of the deposit will detach and enter circulation. Rouge deposits also make it difficult to control the process parameters of systems where a specified surface state must be maintained.

The deconex® DEROUGE system (patent applied for) is an innovative derouging method at neutral pH-value which achieves excellent and rapid results.

The advantages of the deconex® DEROUGE System at a glance

Advantages Your benefits
pH-neutral process Increased safety at work during derouging operations. Surfaces are preserved from etching and erosion of material.
Unproblematic disposal Dispose the used derouging solution to the wastewater directly. No follow-up treatment needed.
Quick process Cut costs with short downtimes.
Highly effective Excellent results, even where conventional processes reached their limits.
Excellent material compatibility Extend the operating life of your valuable equipment and apparatus.
EDTA- and NTA-free Take the ecological and sustainable approach and meet the strictest requirements for ecologically-compatible processes.


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