Critical cleaning process experts

Why do Cleaning Professionals, or other employees with responsibility for the cleaning process, decide to work with Groesfjeld?

Over the years, we have learned how to solve many of the headaches that are commonly experienced by cleaning professionals. We help them get rid of frustrations, inefficiencies, uncertainties, and deviations related to their cleaning processes.

Groesfjeld is Scandinavia’s leading expert in residue-free cleaning processes in Life Sciences, including GMP-compliant validated cleaning in the pharmaceutical-, biotech- and cosmetics industries. We have broad experience from across the Life Science industry and work together with the majority of the major pharmaceutical- and biotech companies in Denmark and Sweden.  

We help our customer by:

  • troubleshooting cleaning processes
  • optimizing cleaning processes; keywords being time, sustainability, safety, material compatibility and costs
  • performing detailed and scientifically documented cleaning studies
  • contributing with second opinions on – and assisting with – cleaning SOPs
  • providing on-site support in DK and SE on short notice
  • supplying fully documented GMP cleaners from Borer Chemie (deconex) which are specifically developed for validated critical cleaning in the Life Science industry
  • liaising with cleaning agent manufacturers and ensuring the availability of documentation e.g. formulations, PDE-values, and material compatibility.


Groesfjeld is the sole strategic partner and authorized distributor of Borer Chemie AG formulated cleaners (deconex®) and services to Life Science customers in Denmark and Sweden.

These world-class and fully documented cleaning agents are specifically developed for critical cleaning in the Life Science industry. 

When optimizing or developing cleaning processes, the factor with the highest potential for improvement is typically the cleaning chemistry. Major changes to other factors such as equipment, time and temperature are often impractical. Therefore we have allied ourselves with Borer Chemie AG, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of formulated cleaners, known under the brand name deconex®.

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Performing detailed cleaning studies, liaison with manufacturers of cleaners, and our ability to optimize cleaning processes, significantly reduces the time and effort required to perform a successful cleaning verification or cleaning validation that meets or exceeds regulatory expectations. We have 20+ years of experience in facilitating cleaning validations across Scandinavia. 

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As the natural passivated layer on stainless steel surfaces ages it can form a rust-red deposit known as rouge, which is not acceptable under GMP regulations. We offer several options for rouge removal. We also offer products which build up or renew the surface passivation of your equipment, which prolongues the life of the equipment and reduces the risk of production downtime. 

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We supply our products and services to many different customers in the Danish and Swedish Life Science industry. In many cases these customers are subject to cGMP and ICH regulations, which we help them comply with. In several cases we supply to the mechanical and food industry as well.

One thing all our customers have in common is that they require residue-free cleaning results and have very high expectations of their suppliers. We are proud to live up to these expectations and we work hard every day to continue to do so.



About us

Groesfjeld is a family-owned business which was established in 2001. We are Scandinavia’s leading expert in the field of residue-free cleaning processes in Life Sciences, including validated cleaning under cGMP-conditions.

What Makes us Unique?

  • We are fully dedicated to helping customers with critical cleaning solutions; the only company in Scandinavia to do so. 
  • We provide free of charge on-site support in most cases. 
  • We actively facilitate an efficient and successful validation process, saving our customers valuable resources and ensuring compliance.
  • We are the strategic Life Science partner of Borer Chemie AG and the sole authorized distributor of deconex® CIP, SURFAX and FORMULA1 cleaners in Denmark and Sweden.
  • We offer highly detailed documentation, including PDE-documentation, formulations and validated analytical methods to verify residue-free cleaning. This is not available from most other suppliers of cleaning agents. 
  • Our products are stocked in Denmark and delivered within 1-2 business days.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction. Not satisfied with the quality of our products or our customer service? You may return the product and receive reimbursement.

How can we help you?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products and / or services.