CLEAN Studies

Cleaning validation – made easy

Together with Groesfjeld and Borer Chemie, you can systematically develop or optimize an efficient cleaning process. With deconex® CLEAN studies, we are offering you a comprehensive and holistic cleaning study tailored specially to your situation.

The focus is on the definition of “cleanability” of selected worst-case residues and the design of optimum cleaning processes.

As part of the CLEAN study, the effectiveness of several deconex® cleaners, or combinations of deconex® cleaners, are tested in Borer Chemie’s state-of-the art facilities on your own worst-case residues. Based on the findings and your specific requirements, a customized cleaning procedure is developed and scientifically documented.

This allows you to select the optimal cleaners right from the start, saving you valuable time and resources by avoiding a trial-and-error approach.

The study demonstrates the benefits of the selected cleaning procedures in a scientifically documented way. deconex® CLEAN studies form the basis for your decisions regarding the selected validation process – as the results of the study enable the assessment and classification of potential risks. 

We also conduct deconex® CLEAN studies for highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) and the medicinal products based on them.

Please contact us for more information about CLEAN studies.